As young people transit through various stages of education into the work force, they face increasing hurdles to secure gainful employment and career opportunities. Studies have shown that, today, over 80 million young people are unemployed globally; and within Nigeria, the situation for our youths in the labour market seems disappointing with many of these young people failing to gain employment or working in extremely poor conditions in the informal economy. Worse still, most of them even stay far above the age of 34 years before entering their first job.


This is where XDS Training program steps in to reduce the huge human capital waste by empowering young people towards enterpreneurship. We have and still aim at training people who will be equipped with the appropriate skills and competencies for self-employment, self-reliance and where possible, employment in the formal sector in areas such as Photography, PhotoBook Production, Album Cases Production, Videography, Branding, Graphics Design, Web Design etc.


Our trainees also enjoys the benefit of joining us for our weekly Personal Development Classes, aimed at Developing the Leader within.