We provide photography services for all types of events. This ranges from all Weddings types to naming ceremonies, religious programs, birthdays, Corporate Events such as Annual General Meetings, End of the Year Parties, Seminars, Training, School Programs etc.

Our State of the art studio is tastefully furnished and well equipped with the latest technology photography equipment. From the ceiling railing system to light shapers and modifiers, lighting kits , electronic controlled backdrop, make up studio, light meters, flash triggers, studio accessories, exquisite furniture, artistic walls, great sound system, XDS boasts of one of the top 3 Studios in the country. We provide all indoor photography services in the studio and we take our customers for location shoots, depending on their service request. Our studio attracts individuals, organizations from all walks of life and often times; this studio doubles as a video recording suite.

From our website, Professional Photographers, amateur photographers and end users can upload their pictures, make their choice of finish and our team would attend to their request in little or no time and do home delivery if required.